botox Southampton
botox Southampton

Doctor-Owned, Private, Award Winning Southampton Clinic
Wrinkle Smoothing Treatments & Dermal Fillers
Alevere Therapy for Weight Loss
Laser Hair Removal, Hair Loss & Regrowth Treatments
REVIV Intravenous Vitamin Drips to Boost Your Immune System

What We Offer

Our Southampton private clinic offers tried and tested treatments for the face and body - all aimed at improving your skin health, your appearance, along with your confidence, well-being and vitality.

Skin and face medical cosmetic treatments Southampton including anti-ageing

Injectable non-surgical wrinkle smoothing, dermal fillers (including Restylane and Juvederm Ultra) PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Peels, Sculptra, Dermaroller - Obagi NuDerm, Dermaceutic, Restylane and SkinCeuticals, stretch mark treatments, skin tag and mole removal, semi-permanent make up, spider and thread vein treatments with Veinwave and microsclerotherapy. Read more about Southampton dermal fillers, line smoothling, PRP, skin peels and dermaroller by clicking here.

Hair treatments, to restore thinning hair and laser hair removal

At our Southampton clinic we offer treatments for thicker fuller hair, for thinning hair and for balding and alopecia in men and women, including low level laser therapy, photo-diode therapy, mesotherapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Let us naturally improve your hair health and thickness without any surgery or have our injectable treatments carried out by a medical doctor. Courses of lightsheer laser hair removal offer a permanent reduction of both body and facial hair. Read more about our Southampton hair treatments by clicking here.

Weight loss, body contouring and more

Our weight loss treatment plans in Southampton include Alevere Therapy which is is an alternative to liposuction or gastric surgery. Alongside mesotherapy, ultrasound and LPG machine treatments we can treat fatty areas and cellulite. We are able to measure your personal metabolic rate so that you can judge how many calories your body burns each day. Read more about Southampton Alevere Therapy Weight-Loss by clicking here.

REVIV Vitamin Infusions Southampton

To combat the effects of ageing, dehydration, strenuous physical activity, sunburn and other factors we offer REVIV intravenous vitamin drips from our Southampton clinic. REVIV is a leader in infusion therapies - intravenous vitamin drips for better health and wellbeing. Read more about Southampton Vitamin Infusions by clicking here.

Our Southampton Clinic

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

Award Winning Southampton Clinic
Award for Excellence in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics UK 2015
Voted BEST UK Clinic 2013-14 (third time winner) - and Finalist 2012

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Obagi Products Southampton - We Stock Obagi Products at our Southampton clinic

Obagi Skincare is available at our Southampton Clinic

We stock all the Obagi products at our Southampton clinic and we are here to help and advise which Obagi products are right for you. Our Obagi product are all genuine - beware that there are many fake Obagi products that can be purchased online! Our prices are also competitive so please do contact us for more information.

Read more about Obagi Southampton by clicking here.

The main Obagi ranges include:

  • NU-DERM® - For Skin-Health Restoration
  • ELASTIDERM® - Topical Eye Cream/Gel
  • CLENZIDERM MD® - Acne Treatment
  • ROSACLEAR® - For Rosacea
botox Southampton

The Principles of Alevere Weight Loss Therapy Were Developed by Medical Doctors

Alevere for Weight Loss Southampton

Alevere Therapy® at our Southampton clinic has been meticulously developed to enable you to achieve your ideal weight through weight loss and to stay at that ideal weight.

Without any surgery, the programme includes re-shaping and contouring of your body to create firm, tight skin with elasticity.

Many of our patients have already been successfully treated and the majority quickly achieved a healthy weight with the help of our follow-up care.

Read more about Alevere Weight Loss Southampton by clicking here.

botox Southampton

Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Southampton Offers a Relaxing, Calming Environment
In a Beautiful Georgian Listed Building Overlooking Queens Park

Gallery of Our Southampton Doctor-Led Medical Aesthetic Clinic

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton

botox Southampton


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